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Hello Everyone! I hope the new year has been treating you well. My name is Ann Idichandy and I want to welcome you all to my blog! I have been meaning to start writing for some time, but I finally got the push through my MBA Digital Marketing course. I will be sharing my experiences, tips, and advice on the educational world through my blog. My hope is that my readers take away at least one valuable piece of information at the end of each post, or that it at least brings a smile to your faces :)

A little bit about me – I am currently pursuing my MBA, concentrating in Nonprofit Management, at Drexel University, where I also received my BSBA in International Business and Marketing in 2019. I have work experience in the tech, finance, energy, and life sciences industries through digital marketing, corporate communications, and customer experience roles. While one foot has been dipped in the business world for the past 4-5 years, the other foot has been in the educational nonprofit world since I was 7 years old. My father started and still manages our family nonprofit educational organization. I grew up immersed in the passion of the organization's purpose, which led me to pursue the Nonprofit Management MBA.

Education is such a profound realm that can easily intimidate a person. From taking the right classes in high school in order to be prepared for college to navigating financial aid, there are many aspects that both students and families need to be aware of in order to get the most out of their education and college experience. I hope to shed some light on the known and unknown elements of education, as well as share my journey as inspiration and motivation to those who need it.

That being said, now I want to hear from you! What topics would you like to know about in the educational realm? Please feel free to comment below or send me a personal message and I will happily share my thoughts and expertise in an upcoming blog post :) Thank you for reading this far and I hope you join me on my blogging journey!

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