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Hitting Halfway at SAP

As I pass the half way mark at SAP, I reflect on many things and thank many people. Looking back on my first day as a newbie, I felt small and scared coming into this enormous campus. I didn’t believe I fit in the corporate environment and the big SAP life. But those feelings faded away when I met my manager, my team, and my department. Everyone was radiating with smiles and was eager to lend a hand to the new interns. Without the kindness and generosity of these people, I would not feel as comfortable and confident as I am today. Reflecting on my performance, I can safely say that it is “on fire.” The first two weeks were somewhat rocky due to the fact that I had to learn all of the software from square one, but I quickly learned the ropes and things seems to flow smoother. What really raised the bar was my first external project. I was entrusted to create a promotional video for an event SAP was hosting for executive thought leaders, and I was thrilled! With numerous revisions and critiques, the promo video came out to be a grand success! Now I am excelling at the video software and am working on various internal and external projects. Thank you, SAP, for nurturing me to be the professional I strive to be, and I’m excited for the remaining time I have left.

I just want to conclude with this quote that perfectly describes where I am at SAP:“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” ~ David Frost

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